George Gurdjieff - 1949

Born in Gyumri, Armenia, 1867 - Died in Paris, France 29th October 1949.

Books by Gurdjieff:

Beelzebub's Tales to His Grandson
Meetings with Remarkable Men

Life is Only Real, Then, When 'I Am'.

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In Search of the Miraculous
(by Piotr Ouspensky - English version)

(Armenian version)
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Biographical Note: George Gurdjieff had a Greek father and an Armenian mother. Their marriage certificate is held at the National Archives of Armenia in Yerevan and is shown here.

Gurdjieff according to his own account was born in 1867.He told a group meeting on Thursday 28/10/1943 that he was then 76 years old. He died six years later in 1949 when he was 82 years old - and certainly looked this age from photographs and videos taken at that time.

His age reflects what he said in his autobiography "Meetings with Remarkable Men" - that he was about 7 years old at the time of the great cattle plague which affected his father’s livestock. This event occurred in the summer of 1873. In the same chapter he recalls his childhood in the "1870's".

There is therefore no basis for saying that G was born in 1872 or even later, as some authors have suggested, because this does not reflect reality.

Gurdjieff’s father was Ivan Ivanovitch Gurdjief and G recalled that his father was 82 when he last saw him in 1916. So G's father was born in 1834 (as confirmed on his gravestone in the Gyumri cemetery) and would have been 33 years old when G was born in 1867.

G Gurdjieff - Views From the Real World

"The Actor" - answer given by Gurdjieff in New York on 16th March 1924.
(Extract from the book)


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